Qualaris for Multi-Site Systems

Standardize auditing and compliance reporting across your health system

How do you support system-wide quality and compliance programs?

Ensuring system-wide compliance with best practices and guidelines is key to reducing adverse events, improving patient experience, ensuring regulatory compliance, mastering safety ratings, and more. But, manual tools and cumbersome software solutions create barriers to realizing the benefits of standardization, centralized organization, and streamlined quality improvement. Leading health systems need solutions that are easy to implement and appealing to frontline staff while still delivering the advanced functionality and integrations required to be effective at scale.

Digital Auditing Platform for Multi-Site Systems

Deploy standardized tools across your system

Qualaris makes it easy to create customized digital auditing tools for any requirement and then deploy it to facilities across your health system through a simple process you can complete without any IT staff requirements. The Qualaris team offers experienced hands-on support to help you plan and implement new system-wide projects while also supporting the needs of individual facilities.

Easy adoption for all types and sizes of facilities

Qualaris is routinely implemented across all facilities from major medical centers to critical access hospitals to clinics, making it a fit for all of your facilities. Qualaris supports secure usage on any internet-connected device including workstations, laptops, smartphones, and tablets so it’s compatible with any facility’s infrastructure. Qualaris’ simple, user-friendly design takes the burden out of large scale rollouts.

A mobile phone, laptop, and tablet showing Qualaris data collection and data reporting software.

Advanced system features and integrations

Qualaris gives regional and corporate teams the capabilities they need to effectively administer their auditing programs at scale. Easily drop into any facility’s account with a click. Get system-wide visibility with real-time dashboards. Integrate with existing systems like SSO or business intelligence platforms.

By making it easy to share evidence-based templates between many sites, automating benchmarking reports, and providing experienced support for implementation, large groups can learn and improve faster together.
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