Collaborative Hand Hygiene Improvement For 12 Hospitals

Collaborative-wide hand hygiene compliance after 1 year


Qualaris is designed to also support multi-site programs and collaboratives. By making it easy to share evidence-based templates between many sites, automating benchmarking reports, and providing experienced support for implementation, large groups can learn and improve faster together.

Working with the Healthcare Council of Western Pennsylvania, Qualaris helped this regional association work on improving hand hygiene together. To start, the group developed a template for hand hygiene auditing with the help of their hospital members. Qualaris assisted the association in helping participating hospitals locally customize and implement the quality improvement tools through interactive webinars. Soon, the whole region was equipped to measure, analyze, and improve hand hygiene compliance and share and compare their results through collaborative meetings.

Over 12 months, this 12 site collaborative successfully moved their hand hygiene programs off of paper and spreadsheets, saving staff time and providing timely data. Using these benefits, the collaborative’s average hand hygiene compliance improved from 78% to 94%.

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