Qualaris for Leader Rounding

Get better patient satisfaction with digital leader rounding

Leader rounding has been shown to be an effective solution

Leader rounding has been shown to be an effective solution for better understanding patient experience, improving patient safety, and driving improvements in patient satisfaction surveys. But, operationalizing a program isn’t easy.

  • How do you develop an effective standardized process?
  • How do you make it easy enough for everyone to participate?
  • How do you ensure rounding happens regularly in all areas?
  • How do you trend your results and make improvements?

Digital Leader Rounding & Real-time Reporting

Digital leader rounding on any device

Simplify data collection with a secure digital solution that allows any staff to complete leader rounding on any internet connected device including workstations, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Easily customize your rounding tools to ask the questions that matter most to your current improvement priorities. And, make adjustments as you go without any hassle.

A mobile phone, laptop, and tablet showing Qualaris data collection and data reporting software.

See your results trended in real-time

Easily see trends with the help of Qualaris’ automated dashboards and reports. View results in your preferred format and easily identify opportunities for improvement by question, department, shift, and more. Help data get used with automated emails that share performance with key staff. Export what you need as images, PDFs, or spreadsheet-friendly file formats.

Leader rounding dashboard example screenshot.

Forward issues by email

Qualaris makes it easy to collect leader rounding data for trending while handling issues and positive feedback that needs immediate attention for other staff. Use our feature for forwarding submissions by email to easily send a specific rounding submission to other staff.

Screenshot showing forwarding an audit by email to a colleague.
With Qualaris, we interview the patient, make sure everything is going well, capture the audit information on the app, then hit submit. With the immediate turn-around time, data is recorded and available for reporting before seeing the next patient!
Marcus Selvidge, CQO at Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center

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