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Free Trial Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data confidential?  Absolutely. Our agreements commit Qualaris to keeping all of your identifiable data confidential at all times.

How does Qualaris handle protected health information (PHI)?
Qualaris categorically doesn’t handle workflows that require PHI. In fact, we’ve deliberately built Qualaris to focus on aggregate process and outcome measures that avoid the need for PHI and pass the benefits of providing a lower risk product through our generous offerings and regular product enhancements.

How can Qualaris integrate with our other systems?
Most of our customers use Qualaris as standalone system. That said, we offer single sign-on integrations, business intelligence and reporting platform integrations, and other custom integrations. Reach out to us by chat to discuss your needs in detail.

What do I need to install to use Qualaris? Qualaris is internet-based software that is used on internet-connected workstation browsers and mobile devices. Since our software is accessed through the internet, no downloads or installations are required.

What does Qualaris cost? Qualaris charges an annual subscription fee. It's based on bed size. We offer an à la carte plan if you'd like support for only one topic (e.g. only hand hygiene). We also offer an unlimited plan if you'd like to support multiple projects. Reach out to us via chat to get a quote for your facility.

Can I import auditing data from other software systems? Qualaris can usually help customers import historical data from other software systems. Reach out to us via chat to discuss your specific situation, and we’ll help confirm our ability to import your data and provide a quote for a one-time fee.