Qualaris for Regulatory Compliance

Master compliance with accreditation and regulatory requirements

An average hospital spends nearly $7.6 million annually

on administrative activities to support regulatory compliance according to the AHA. Relying on manual and cumbersome tools like paper and spreadsheets create real costs and real barriers to compliance.

  • CMS requirements
  • State and local requirements
  • OSHA requirements
  • Accreditation

Digital Auditing & Real-time Reporting for Regulatory Requirements

Easily build audits for any regulatory requirement

Qualaris makes it easy to create customized digital auditing tools to stay on top of any regulatory requirement. Building is a simple process you can complete without IT staff, and the Qualaris team offers hands-on support when you need it. Create anything from mock surveys to rounding tools to temperature checks to equipment cleaning to chart reviews.

Paperless audit collection on any device

Simplify data collection with a secure digital solution that allows any staff to collect regulatory audits on any internet connected device including workstations, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Get all of your departments engaged in ensuring regulatory compliance and survey preparedness. Skip dealing with paper and spreadsheets.

A mobile phone, laptop, and tablet showing Qualaris data collection and data reporting software.

Automated reporting & email distribution

See results immediately with automated dashboards and reports. Understand performance by department and more. Share results automatically with key stakeholders with email subscriptions so everyone has the information they need. Export what you need as images, PDFs, or spreadsheet-friendly file formats. Customize your dashboards to include the information and charts your organization needs.

At Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, everyone loves data. They’re hungry to get it. With Qualaris, they don’t have to put in a ticket to get a report built. The system enables them to do it themselves.
Marcy Gamble, MBA, MT (ASCP), Director of System Process Improvement at Penn State Hershey Medical Center

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