Simplify compliance auditing and reporting

Collect your process data

Templated or fully custom collection tools

Create data collection tools for any priority. Our featured project templates are Hand Hygiene, Falls Prevention and Rounding. Or, create your own from an existing paper process.

Collect data on any device

Our web app works on any device that connects to the internet. Collect real-time observations on the go or translate old paper audits from your desk. Your choice!

Rich data collection forms

Our data collection forms include all the key data types. Checklists, unit lists, timestamps, free text fields, conditional logic and more are all supported.

View and distribute collected data

Real-time Dashboards

Use up-to-date exportable dashboards to understand your collected data at the individual unit or housewide level.

Email based reports

Configure periodic reports to be pushed to your colleagues' in-boxes with data on your initiatives.

Explore your data

Slice and dice your results and create custom visualizations to answer targeted questions.

Expand your usage

Unlimited Users

Getting your colleagues involved is key to the success of a project. We have made it easy to invite as many colleagues as you want and set-up emailed reports exactly how you would like.

Unlimited quick-to-start toolkits

In Qualaris, it is easy to spin up and spin down projects as priorities change. Whether from an existing curated template or a fully custom project, we have got you covered.

Over 100 applications and growing...


  • Falls Prevention
  • Nurse Manager Rounding
  • Pain Management
  • IV Management
  • Pressure Ulcer Bundle
  • VTE Checklist
  • VTE SCD Checklist
  • Quiet Time Protocol
  • Bedside Shift Report
  • NA Skills Audit
  • Wound Documentation
  • Daily Weights
  • New Medication Education

Patient Experience

  • Whiteboard / Communication Board
  • Manager Rounding – Pt Satisfaction
  • Patient Experience Survey
  • Med Communication Rounding
  • Responsiveness Rounding
  • Breastfeeding Process Survey
  • Palliative Care Pt Satisfaction
  • Surgical Care Leader Rounding


  • Safety Rounding
  • Blood Transfusion
  • Patient Identification Monitor
  • Specimen Labeling Checklist
  • Critical Values – Lab & Nursing
  • Life Safety Audit
  • Medical Hazardous Waste
  • Patient Confidentiality Security Management
  • Environment of Care
  • Safe Patient Handling

Infection Prevention

  • Hand Hygiene
  • CAUTI Catheter Maintenance
  • Central Line Maintenance
  • Isolation Precautions
  • Contact Precautions
  • Surgical Site Infections
  • VAE/VAP Prevention
  • C. diff Protocols
  • Housekeeping Cultures

Discharge & Readmissions

  • Discharge Instruction Summary
  • Discharge Follow-up Phone Call
  • 30-day Readmissions Review
  • Pediatric Discharge
  • Pediatrics - Discharge Follow Up

Case Management

  • Case Mgmt Standard Work
  • Social Work Case Mgmt
  • RN Manager Case Mgmt
  • 7-day Readmissions
  • Informed Consent

Emergency Department

  • Sepsis Protocol
  • ED Rounding
  • ED Documentation
  • ED Transfers
  • ED Registration
  • ED Triage
  • ED Placement in Room/Hallway
  • ED RN Care
  • ED Attending Care

Surgical & Perioperative

  • OR Leader Rounding
  • OR Back to Basics
  • OR Housekeeping
  • OR Med/Fluid Labeling
  • Perioperative Care
  • Surgical Time Out
  • Surgical Care Pre-procedures
  • Surgery Start Time
  • Post-op Pain

Environmental Services

  • Env Room Cleaning
  • Public Area Inspection
  • Restroom Inspection
  • Facilities Checklist
  • Bed & Mattress Storage

Behavioral Health

  • Self-Harm Precautions
  • Medical Restraints
  • Behavioral Restraints

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