Qualaris for Falls

Prevent falls by improving compliance with best practices

Effective falls prevention programs

Effective falls prevention programs rely on reliable use of a variety of interventions from education to signage to devices and equipment. Auditing compliance with these practices can help raise awareness, track common issues, and guide quality improvement. How do you keep an auditing program organized, easy for staff, and reported in a timely manner?

  • How do you keep an auditing program organized?
  • How do you make it easy enough for staff to do audits?
  • How do you ensure results are reported in a timely manner?

Digital Falls Prevention Audits & Real-time Reporting

Easy digital auditing for your program

Set up audits that focus on the key components of your falls prevention program. Any staff can then securely collect data on any internet connected device including workstations, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Recruit a champion in each unit to spot check and get helpful compliance data in a few minutes each week.

Track compliance with interventions and practices

All falls prevention audit data is immediately charted so you can understand trends and identify common issues in need of improvement. Compare performance by department, shift, and more to provide targeted feedback to managers and teams. Email results automatically so everyone has the data they need. Export what you need as images, PDFs, or spreadsheet-friendly file formats.

Screenshot showing a falls prevention dashboard report.
With implementation of the Qualaris project, we were given the opportunity to be very proactive in implementing interventions – whether it is an alarm, mat or low bed.
CNA at St. Clair Hospital

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