"We yearn for friction-less,
technological solutions.
But people talking to people is
still the way norms and
standards change.”

― Atul Gawande, MD

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Meet Our Experts

We work with customers and advisors to share helpful resources. Reach out if you’d like to contribute.

Daniel Bishop, Co-Founder & CEO

Daniel is a healthcare innovator who champions our mission of defect-free healthcare.

Marcus Selvidge, BSN, RN, CCRN-K, CIC, Clinical Advisor

Marcus is Principal, Midwest Infection Control Consultants, and a paid advisor to Qualaris. He is currently CQO at a Regional Medical Center.

Mimi Falbo, DNP, RN, Advisor

With diverse experience from front line nursing to hospital CEO, Dr. Falbo brings the unique ability to view a business through every perspective.

Dolly Bellhouse, FACHE, Advisor

Dolly is a healthcare executive who brings her experience to bear on quality improvement, leadership, and development needs.

Debra Thompson, PhD, RN, Advisor

Debra specializes in patient safety and quality in healthcare delivery, with an emphasis on leadership using industrial and behavioral principles.

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