Streamlining Process Improvement for a 300-bed hospital

Improvement in patient communication best practices


Qualaris’ Audit tool provides flexible designs, which made it a great fit for a 300-bed hospital that wanted to track and improve processes across patient experience, quality, and patient safety work.

The most pressing priority was to create an inpatient leader rounding tool to understand and improve patient and family experiences. By identifying missed opportunities for staff to communicate clearly with patients and their families, clinical managers were able to focus on the biggest improvement opportunities, leading to a 43% improvement in staff compliance with patient communication best practices.

After seeing how easy it was to launch new solutions, the hospital began to hold brainstorming sessions to identify emerging needs to address through auditing. With no IT integration needed, the team could design a new audit in as little as 15 minutes and have it launched and in use rapidly. Now, this hospital alone has more than a dozen different Qualaris applications live and in use, including rounding tools for perioperative services, infection control audits, and patient and family survey tracking.

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