Improving Patient Communication in a 250-bed hospital

Reduction in incomplete whiteboard elements


Qualaris isn’t limited to just preventing adverse safety events. Research shows that when patients and their families have clear information, they are more engaged in their care, more compliant on discharge instructions, and achieve better outcomes.

A Western Pennsylvania hospital recently developed and installed new, patient-facing whiteboards to improve that communication and patient experience. In rolling out the new whiteboards, the leadership team wanted to ensure that staff were consistently complying with the process.

Qualaris provided the tools to ensure whiteboard compliance and improve rounding and patient communication. With nurse managers using tablet computers to audit for compliance and focus training opportunities for staff, the hospital has achieved at least 90% compliance with all 17 whiteboard elements along with an 84% reduction in incomplete whiteboard elements. Now, they are exploring ways to use Qualaris to improve other quality processes.

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