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QualarisAudit™ is a secure, cloud-based software platform for improving best practices in healthcare. Responsive, mobile tools work across many applications to create massive efficiencies. The result saves staff time, reduces steps, and removes paper based processes. With that data, your team can improve compliance with the best practices that drive superior results for your patients. And with automated data collection, analysis, reporting and communication, QualarisAudit™ empowers you to scale improvement throughout your healthcare organization.

How it works

  • Measure

    Our software empowers ongoing data collection on compliance with best practices

    Mobile data collection works with all major operating systems on both phones and tablets

    Responsive, browser-based tools give the flexibility to use workstations-on-wheels and all other platforms

  • Understand

    Automated data reports help you track your team’s improvement

    Real-time analytics give you timely and actionable information at your convenience

    Simple interface and customizable design make it easy to automate existing processes

  • Act

    Improvement plans engage your entire staff in continuous quality improvement

    Action-oriented improvement data lowers the barriers to problem solving

    Flexible and scalable solutions enable you to drive change on any quality challenge

Our ever-growing library of more than 100 solutions can solve your most pressing improvement challenges

Falls Prevention

Clutter around bed
Personal alarm
Education on fall risk

Hand Hygiene

Correct cleaning agent
Appropriate amount of agent
Wash before / after interaction

Applications cross many healthcare work areas, including infection prevention, patient safety, readmissions reduction, patient experience improvement, quality and regulatory requirements, payer penalties and incentives, and more. A new audit can be designed in as little as 15 minutes with no IT staff support needed, so you can automate improvement at a massive scale throughout your organization. Check out how one community hospital did just that, launching more than a dozen different QualarisAudit™ solutions.

See real improvements in efficiency, compliance, quality, and more

  • Improved outcomes

    Improve compliance with best practices and drive reduced rates of adverse events and improved metrics

  • Create efficiencies

    Save staff time, reduce steps, remove paper-based processes

  • Scale improvement

    Automate and streamline collection, automate analysis, and automate communications to your team

QualarisAudit™ provides you with the data to ensure that best practices are in place, from nursing to operations to patient experience, and make changes to achieve even better outcomes. That means reduced never events, improved quality measures, and an improved care experience. And as healthcare is a business, you not only deliver better care but meet regulatory requirements, improve efficiency, and achieve insurance incentives.

Curious about what these results look like in the real world? Check out the data below and the success stories of a few of our current customers.

We make getting started painless

No IT staff requirements

Our secure cloud solution includes comprehensive support and services and requires no involvement from your IT department to set up

First solution is free

Start using a high-impact, customized solution immediately at no cost to you

Easy to scale

Add more solutions as you need them for a simple monthly fee, or purchase the full platform for unlimited use